All of my rebuilt motors are completely disassembled down to splitting the cases to review and assess the parts. All case bearings are thoroughly inspected and replaced if necessary. Flywheels and rod bearings are inspected, rod bearings are replaced if necessary and flywheels are retrued. Cylinders are inspected for piston wear and bored with new rings and pistons if needed. Heads are disassembled, valves and seats inspected and repaired as needed. Everything reassembled using the best gaskets available. On the average, I spend 20 hours rebuilding every motor.

In addition to completed motors, I also offer:

  • Trued flywheels
  • Bottom ends, either shovel or evo
  • Rebuilt heads
  • Cylinders bored with pistons and rings

OEM motors is what I love but we offer aftermarket parts, pieces and motors.

Please note that motor prices below do not include crating and shipping costs.

Contact us with any questions.

Now with totally rebuilt heads.

Totally rebuilt shovelhead bottom end. All new bearings, bushings and washers as needed, holes all heli coiled as necessary. New cam, lifter blocks and lifters. Flywheels thrust washers replaced and flywheels retrued . I charge 500.00 for labor the rest is parts, cases etc.  NOW, I have added jugs, new Harley pistons, 3 7/16, Harley rings... get it now and finish to your liking...

$ 3500.00


Must go!

These motors are available right now! I can finish these to your specifications or you can finish them yourself. Both motors are totally rebuilt as necessary.

Custom Motors

Nose Cone Panhead Motor

Our Signature Motor


Nose Cone Panhead Motor

We can install these heads on any Shovelhead generator case or nosecone case. These heads have new valves, new guides, high ligft springs with valve guide seals, and 1.940 intake valve. These heads are brand new out of the box, then we port and polish the intake and the exhaust ports. As you can see, the exhaust is a Shovelhead style intake O-rings.

The external oil system is done with high compression fittings, hand made, from factory case to each head, front and rear. The rocker arms on these heads are Panhead style with Panehead type oiling system. We can add these heads to your motor or any one of our engines. The cost is an additional about $2,700. We prefer to build these engines custom order.

Motors do not come equipped with ignition or carburators.

Panhead Motors

Panhead Motor


Motor with title

Call for Price and details


Shovelhead Motors


Shovelhead Motor

1982 • 1349cc • 74"

This motor has Harley Davidson heads, cylinders and cases, flywheels, new pistons, all new bearings, new cam, and a new oil pump. 100% rebuilt.

This motor has a clear Harley Davidson title.



Shovelhead Motor


This motor is 100% rebuilt with Harley Davidson heads, cylinders, and new pistons. It has Harley Davidson cases, oil pump, new cam cover, new rocker arms and shafts, and stocks cam. It has new breather gear, new lifters and new hydraulic tappets, the rocker boxes cam cover and oil pump are all aluminum high gloss polished. This comes with a clear Harley Davidson title in my name as proof of ownership.




S&S Motor

These brand new S & S cases have 80 inch S&S flywheels with new pistons, new heads/dual plug, new rocker boxes, new cam cover, new cam, new oil pump, and all new bearings and bushings.



Evo Motors

Evo Motor

1989 • 1340cc • 80"

Factory stock cam rebuild, new chrome on rocker boxes and cam cover, fresh oil pump, new pistons, rebuilt heads, new guide seals, flywheels completely reassembled with new bearings. Motor is a bottom end breather.



Twin Cam Motors


Twin Cam Motor

2000-A • 1450cc 88"

Rebuild with fresh pistons and bore. The heads have been reworked, decarbonized with new valve guides and seals. The bottom has been completely taken apart and checked, with bearings replaced, stock cams, fresh paint, new chrome rocker boxes, and cam cover. This is a carbureted only engine.



1989 Evolution Motor bottom end breather

This motor has all new bearings and races new cam EV 27 cam, new lifters, stock compression, new pistons/rings and bore, roller rockers, has high lift S&S cam springs, titanium pushrods, manly stainless steel valves and the heads are polished and flowed. A very strong combination for reliable power.


New motors will be available soon.

Some motors can be accepted in exchange.

They must turn over with compression and have no strange objects sticking out anywhere. Your understanding is appreciated.